Registrations for the Startup School are now open! 

The Startup School is designed for women who are based in the Nordics and interested in starting a business. The School is in a Beta stage, so you will have a chance to shape how it will look going forward! We have aggregated resources from the web shared by some of the best founders and investors in the world to help you start on your journey. 

Application deadline: 13th of October for Fall Cohort (17/10/21 - 21/11/21)

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You will join other women based in the Nordics who are going through the same journey - starting a company.​​

The Startup School provides an actionable framework for starting and building a new business. It’s based on the insight that most startups fail because they didn’t develop their product-market fit, not because they didn’t develop their product.

The school is not a collection of catchy business hacks. It is a method of testing, learning, and iterating upon the fundamental business assumptions you hold about your product, customers, and market. It consists of videos and resources aggregated online.

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The Startup School runs twice a year - in spring and autumn

The Startup School is fully online and for free

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6 weeks video course, tailored for early-stage founders, divided into themes for you to explore


Weekly inspirational and a Q&A session with an established entrepreneur, investor, or mentor

In 6 weeks, together with experienced founders, mentors, and investors, we will discover and validate whether:

  • There are customers who are experiencing the problem you are trying to solve

  • The market is large enough that a viable business can be built

  • The product solves a problem for an identifiable group of users

  • Identify the best way forward


Weekly networking sessions where the founders meet each other and share ideas and thoughts


Beyond the 6 week program, joining the Startup School grants you access to our community of women founders and early access to events and new content

Applications are open to all women based in the Nordics. We are NOT looking for established entrepreneurs only, but women who are entrepreneurially-curious as well.
Additionally, women who already have an idea
will benefit the most from the program. However, you can still join even if you don't have an idea yet. The only requirement is that you are committed to actively participate in the program. That means joining our live events, as well as spending a few hours a week listening to the video courses.