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Maria Planes, LEGO

Design Strategist with a passion for creating innovative ecosystems for a better future.


Maria has +7 years of experience in the design world.

Jonathan Sonne Andersen, NaviBlind ApS

Passionate about delivering disruptive technologies that drastically improve peoples' quality of life.


Jonathan is the co-founder and CEO at NaviBlind, a startup developing a navigation aid for blind and visually disabled.


Plamena Cherneva, WonderCoders and Nordic Women in Tech Awards

Web developer, tech lover and a passionate entrepreneur. A relentless advocate of making the tech industry more welcoming, attractive, and inclusive to women.

Mia Negru, 2030 Builders

Mia is the CRO at 2030 Builders, a sustainability engagement platform.


Mia is a serial entrepreneur, that started her journey at 21. Her vision is to empower all companies and individuals to grow sustainably.


Veronica D'Souza, RubyCup

Veronica is a co-founder & partner

at RubyCup, creating affordable menstrual hygiene products for women and girls in poverty

Veronica is an award-winning social entrepreneur, sustainability strategist, and inspirational speaker.

Philine Kriependorf, Kvadrat

Shaped by her research within the Indian design and textile industry, she leads the strategic sustainability direction for Kvadrat Group.


She has prior experience from IKEA's research and design lab (SPACE 10) and the tech start-up environment.


Lili Dreyer, Wair

Big sustainability nerd who has always loved to sew and upcycle old clothing.


Lili is on a mission to fight textile waste by saving and transforming discarded textiles.

Sine Cecilie Laub, DUSK

Sine is the co-founder of DUSK, a startup focused on improving women’s intimate health.


Passionate about driving social change and telling stories for brands and ideas she believes in,

in 2020 Sine co-founded DUSK with Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk.


Ksenia Kurileva, Metta & Aerospace Xelerated 

Ksenia works in the corporate innovation space with Boeing, GKN Aerospace and Rolls-Royce, supporting early-stage startups with a sustainability focus. She’s passionate about bringing leadership, diversity and inclusion, and wellbeing conversations to the forefront
of any company to enable teams to thrive.

Anna Ström, EQT Group

Anna is a sustainability strategy enthusiast that loves to find solutions for complex social and environmental issues.


During the past 2 years, she has worked with various private and public companies and organisations to solve such problems. As a true tree-hugger, her free time is spent enjoying nature and
going for long runs.


Hannah Becher, Danske Bank & BrainFruits

Hannah is passionate about how to create solutions that have value for both business & society.


Having obtained 4 degrees in business, law and economics from 4 different countries along with active engagement in extracurricular activities shaped her

self-starter mentality as well as drive to make a difference in society.


She is also the host of BrainFruits, a podcast on female solutions for business & society.