Have a startup idea? We have the tools needed to turn it into a reality.


Join the 6-weeks Startup School and build your startup together with other women who are based in the Nordics.

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Our startup school
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Women in Entrepreneurship

Women are largely underrepresented across the startup ecosystem in the Nordics. Read our Open Letter to understand why we are doing this



by 2023

of founders in the Nordics are women, with numbers slightly differing between each country

of the total available VC funding goes to female-only teams, while 18% go to mixed teams & the rest to male-only founded companies

our goal is to have 400 women go through the Startup School, with 10% of them creating a growth company

The Startup School

We guide women through the early stages of starting a company. From helping them select the right idea to work on, to building an MVP to test with customers. All while joining a community of women who are in the same startup stage.


Select the Right Idea to Work On & Develop a Vision for Your Startup



Translate your Startup Vision Into a Business Model

Validate the Potential
of your Startup Idea



Build the First Possible Solution (MVP)



Learn how to build a scalable business

Review and Pitch

Our Alumni

Anda Mihu (dark).png

Anda-Maria Mihu

Joining With Purpose is what I needed in order to put myself back on track and it gives me the support and the right tools that I need for the future.

Ioana Gheorghe (light).png

Ioana Gheorghe

What I love the most about this program is the focused and hands-on approach coupled with ongoing to-the-point learning materials and mentorship sessions. That, and the inspiring and supportive ladies, makes WithPurpose stand out.


Sharuna Rehman

I must say that the program has exceeded my expectations. The program does not only provide its take on how one can go from idea to #business but is designed to be considerate to the fact that ideas are unique and so are their hurdles.

Part of The Nordic Ecosystem


Best Accelerator/Incubator Program in Denmark
for the 2021 Nordic Startup Awards


Initiative of the Year in Denmark for the 2021 Nordic Women in Tech Awards

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The team behind With Purpose were named Role Models of 2021

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